Window Restoration Pre-Event Workshop

Immersive hands-on workshop on window & sash restoration



Duffy Hoffman, Robert Cagnetta, David Hoggard, & Jim Turner


This intensive 2 day workshop will teach you the ins and outs of restoring historic windows with some of window restoration leaders. Participants will have ample time to practice the skills learned in the workshops with direction from the instructors. Participants are welcome to bring their own sashes or work on ones provided by the instructors.


·         Restoration vs Replacement

·         Assessing window restoration projects

·         Educating home owners finding craftspeople

·         Using the Window Preservation Standards

·         Means and methods

·         Material and tool use and availability

·         Rehabilitation vs. Restoration

·         Sash bedding and glazing

·         Paint history, products and methods

·         Weatherization & operation methods & retrofits

·         Making sash parts/reuse of old sash parts

·         Glass history and cutting glass

·         Epoxy and Dutchman repair

·         Frame and jamb restoration

·         Sash removal and installation

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